concrete collections

Discover the artistry of concrete design with us. Learn more about our organic or geometrical designs or browse our extraordinary artistic limited collections.

why concrete?

Althought we are both experienced in working with many different materials, right now our main focus goes to working with concrete. We split our designing process into two parts – first one is dedicating our products only to concrete. Our collections Geometric and Organic let concrete to stand out and allow you to fully experience the monumental feeling of it.

In the second part we wanted to take our approach up a notch and combine concrete with another technique. In order to make a product which honours our values, we decided to use a linocut technique.

We love to work with reliefs and different structures. The linocut technique suited these criteria perfectly. We’ve decided to transform this printing method into a 3D technology and created a linocut mould.

Thanks to a variety of these two precious techniques we’ve designed a product which uses its qualities in the best light – literally.

Right now we offer concrete products from Geometric and Organic collections, and also limited collections. These complex limited editions consist of our distinctive concrete lamps and completing linocut prints.

We are open to collabs!
We love to team up with other creative brands and individuals. Write us an e-mail with your idea. We are looking forward to hearing from you!