A multidisciplinary design studio from Prague.

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Studio monstro is a collaborative design studio with multidisciplinary approach. It is an open platform not only for showing you new ways of approaching an artistic object, but also for display a diversity in product design.

Innovative yet contextual design

Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we aim to use multiple different materials.

This drives us to stay open-minded, contemplate on every single object and reflect on our journey.

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concrete design ashtray

unique ways of approaching the product design

With attention to precise detailing, our goal is to show you the possibilities of an artistic object when you cross its traditional limits delicately.

And while moving these limits further, our distinctive products are being created.


Would you like to have a custom piece at home? We are ready to team up with you! Our studio is open to commissions. We are also eager to collaborate with other studios or creative individuals.

Reach out and schedule a meeting with us!

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We are open to collabs!
We love to team up with other creative brands and individuals. Write us an e-mail with your idea. We are looking forward to hearing from you!